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Leah Bitat
Algeria Country Representative & Program Director

Leah Myers Bitat is deeply committed to exploring the applications of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) across learning and working environments to reduce barriers for participants of all abilities, backgrounds and identities. A native of Alaska currently practicing in Algeria, her areas of expertise include employment and vocational programs, teacher training, inclusive education, special education, and risk prevention. Following 15 years in serving the U.S. educational system as a teacher, teacher trainer, and special education administrator, she currently serves as both the country representative for World Learning in Algeria as well as the director of pedagogy and professional development at the Aures School in Algiers. In 10 years of work in Algeria Leah has led the expansion of World Learning's programs to nearly two-thirds of the country's provinces. Workforce development, English language, and STEM Education programs benefit nearly 1,000 participants across Algeria each year. Leah holds a master's of education degree in prevention science and practice from Harvard University, a master's in educational leadership from Cumberland College, and a certificate of special education teaching and administration from Boston University.

Expertise: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

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Employing universal design to reach a wider spectrum of learners in Algeria, Rwanda, and Senegal

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Leah Bitat, Steve Blunden, Kate Brolley, Mary Faith Mount-Cors, Jennifer Swift-Morgan