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Neil O'Flaherty
Senior Education Advisor, Higher Education

Neil O'Flaherty is a senior education advisor at World Learning, with a focus on higher education. He has more than 15 years' experience in working on international projects in the areas of language teacher training and professional development, curriculum development, workforce development and career services, and institutional strengthening of institutions of higher education. His responsibilities at World Learning include designing and delivering effective teacher capacity development activities for worldwide education programs; and design and technical input for higher education institution capacity development programs. He has worked on U.S. Department of State and USAID-funded projects in Algeria, Egypt, El Salvador, Lebanon, Kosovo, and Iraq. He has also trained teachers across a range of countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Georgia, South Korea, and Tunisia. Before joining World Learning, O'Flaherty gained a broad range of experience in the education field including: teaching in Ireland, France, and the U.S.; supporting the higher technical and technological sector in Ireland with a strong focus on teaching language for technical and professional employment; leading ERASMUS inter-university collaboration and student exchange programming; and managing academic program quality assurance and accreditation processes for undergraduate and graduate programs across a wide range of academic disciplines. He also served on Irish National Council for Curriculum and Assessment commission for French language curriculum. Neil holds two master's degrees—one in French literature and one in TESOL. He speaks fluent French and Spanish as well as Irish and English.

Expertise: TESOL; higher education; systems stregthening; HICD; teacher and faculty development; youth workforce development; teacher education

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