Photo of Rajani Shrestha
Rajani Shrestha
Director, Global Education

Rajani Shrestha is World Learning's director of Global Education where she oversees the organization's $190m education development portfolio which is grounded on strengthening the education system, improving instructional quality, and formal and non-formal learning environments. Throughout her career, Shrestha has worked with donors, policy makers, teachers, administrators, private sector, and community to make lasting change in the educational systems around the world. Rajani is strong in strategic planning, designing complex projects and monitoring, evaluation and research. She is responsible for strategically positioning World Learning at local level through donor stewardship and spearheading partnerships with local government ministries and non-government institutions. Shrestha has over 16 years' experience researching and managing large complex projects in fragile and conflict affected countries. As a researcher, she has designed and piloted dropout prevention programs in India, Tajikistan, Cambodia, and Timor-Leste. While at the Asian Development Bank Nepal, Shrestha implemented teacher education and skills employment project. She has also worked in UNICEF working closely at the community level with village facilitators. Shrestha started her career in Nepal as a private sector professional engaging with multinational firms from Europe and America. She uses this deep-rooted experience in her approach to building partnerships, networks, blending business interest with community development by introducing unique and sustainable practices in international projects. Shrestha holds a master's degree in Public Policy with specialization in Social and Education Policy from University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Business Administration from Kathmandu University where she concentrated in marketing.