Photo of Rania Khalil
Rania Khalil
Director of Programs, World Learning Lebanon

Rania Khalil, with over 20 years of professional experience in managing donor-funded programs, including World Bank, EU, and UN agencies. Strong working relationships with Lebanese stakeholders, governmental institutions, and local communities including the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Rural development, Environment, and Agriculture. Uses her skills and a system-based approach to ensure the strategic engagement of decision makers and constantly respond to the changing environment, to ensure the sustainable implementation of the program activities. She worked to expand the capacity of public decision making to address sustainability. Rania Khalil comes in planning, designing, and putting in place processes to ensure sustainability.

Expertise: Program management; system-based management; design, develop processes and procedures; field management; planning and program implementation; adaptive management; integrated project management; decision making; sustainable program implementation

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Mariam Taha, Paulette Assaf, Maha Hassoun, Rajani Shrestha, Rania Khalil, Caroline Karbala