Photo of Rola Bayram
Rola Bayram
Math Specialist, Quality Instruction Towards Access & Basic Education Improvement (QITABI 2)

Rola Bayram holds an MA in education with an emphasis in Mathematics from the Lebanese American University. She is the Math specialist under QITABI 2, World Learning, Beirut. She is multilingual, with fluency in Arabic, English and French and has worked on developing and translating math content/material in 3 languages for ages ranging early years to secondary level math. Rola has over 30 years of experience teaching in both private and public schools, at both university and school level, intermediate all the way to secondary school as well as having held the position of coordinator for grades KG - secondary school for both English and French sections. Rola has extensive experience working on the national math curriculum as well as developing and aligning math curricula in private schools.

Along with her long years of teaching experience and coordinator position, she has trained and mentored over 300 teachers and administrators, all the while working with the holistic approach to math teaching and learning.

Within the holistic approach to teaching and learning of math, under QITABI 2, Rola has more recently been working on the integration of SEL into the math curriculum, highlighting the importance of students' social and emotional development as an integral part of learning as a whole, and learning math more specifically.

Along with her teaching, training and mentorship work, Rola acts as a consultant both locally and regionally with special emphasis on dyscalculia, among other topics that deal primarily with teaching strategies and intervention for students with mathematical difficulties. In her spare time, Rola attends workshops globally to fulfil her continued passion for learning as well as transferring this passion to mentor teachers and students to learn math meaningfully and with joy.

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