Photo of Mirvat Merhi
Mirvat Merhi
QITABI 2 Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Director

Mirvat Merhi is a monitoring and evaluation specialist working in monitoring and evaluation of education programs since 2011. Merhi holds a Master’s degree in population studies from the American University of Beirut since 2002. Over the past 24 years, she was involved in development of data collection tools and conducting research in the health, social, population and educational fields. She co-authored several publications in the health and development sectors and presented education papers and posters in education conferences.

Mirvat has experience in Program monitoring and evaluation; MEL plans; household surveys; conducting focus groups and interviews and running data analysis in the fields of education; women work and health; reproductive health and morbidity; nurse retention.

Find Mirvat Merhi at the following programs:

Decolonizing International Development through Collaborative Research-Practice Partnerships: 10 Years of Evidence and Opportunities in Lebanon
Hyatt Regency Miami
Floor: Terrace Level, Orchid A
Mirvat Merhi; Rawan Whebe; Wafa Kotob; Ha Yeon Kim; Carly Tubbs Dolan; Joyce Rafia; Dalia Al Ogaialy; Hilary Gao; Rania Fadel Khalil; Paulette Assaf; Sergio Ozoria
Socio-Emotional Learning: Contextualization, Assessment, and Growth Trajectories- Findings from Lebanon and Senegal
Hyatt Regency Miami
Floor: Terrace Level, Orchid B
Lama Marji; Mirvat Merhi; Taline Tontian; Wendi Carman; Garene Kaloustian; Samar Tawm; Georgia Hachem; Yvonne Cao; Rafaeil Contreras Gomez